Bui Minh Tri, aka DJ Minh Tri, is a well known name to Hanoi youths as well as Vietnamese Hip Hop community in general. He has been known to play the role of "Bad boy Nam" in the movie Buoc Nhay Xi Tin. 

Starting to be a talented B-boy from S.I.N.E Crew, used to join many big dance competitions such as: Battle of The Year, RF Jam, R16...

Since 2015, DJ Minh Tri has become an extremely familiar name to Vietnamese electronic music lovers when he became the runner up of the DJ EDM contest in Vietnam (BUDJs 2015), which culminated in a stunning show with the legendary DJ Tiesto in HCMC. Thanks to that Minh Tri has made a big leap in his DJ career, from a B-Boy dancer and an idol to Vietnamese youths, Minh Tri has officially "transformed" and become a professional and famous DJ in Vietnam. 

After this success, DJ Minh Tri chose to seriously and professionally continue developing his music career by founding SMOKE Studio, a well-known DJ/Producer training and development center in Hanoi. There have been many generations of talented young DJs/Producers from all over the country who came from this very institute. 

Furthermore, DJ Minh Tri is one of the rare DJs in Vietnam to be selected to perform at the region's top music festivals, honored to stand on stage with world superstars such as Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Hardwell, Yellow Claw, Steve Aoki, W&W, Marshmello, Quintino or Henry Fong, etc. 

Recently, DJ Minh Tri has been making the strongest comeback as he is creating his own projects from image, music production to doing tours across Vietnam. Here we can clearly see Minh Tri's intention to become a versatile artist and not trap himself to only be a DJ. 

Currently Minh Tri is a Music Director of EMG - The number one Entertainment group in Viet Nam